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You’ve purchased car insurance for protection in case you’re involved in an accident on the road and now you have reassurance that you and your family will be well taken cared of by the company in case of an accident, but what about personal emergency roadside assistance coverage. Policy holders don’t realize that standard car insurance doesn’t cover emergency roadside assistance care under the typical umbrella they are currently under.

Towing service is placed under your automobile insurance umbrella to tow the “wrecked” vehicle as it’s normal procedure for accident victims, not to use for small emergency matters, such as, car engine failure or other non-accidental reasons for a disabled car. Since using any portion of your roadside assistance can increase your premiums in the coming year I strongly suggest you pay attention to the fine print to avoid future payment shock.

For the sake of limited car insurance protection, this is why Motor Clubs are the solution to the problem! As a member of a Motor Club you are covered for several roadside assistance features to correct incidents that plague motorist every single day. So, why MCA? In this publication, we explain why MCA has the the best road service coverage plan on the market to choose from than any other policy currently available for purchase.


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What is MCA?

Motor Club of America was started in 1926 by a gentleman of the name William W. Green. Mr. Green was born in the year of 1900 in Atlantic City, NJ. He started and leaded Motor Club of America or better known as MCA Insurance Company as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) until the end of 1986 during his term. Due to the consistent dedication of him and his family to the company, MCA, began to see tremendous expansion throughout the years, generating a huge membership base that would last for over 80 years.

TVC – “Truckers Voice in Court”

In 1987, Virgil Coffee, a Texas native, launched TVC (Truckers Voice in Court) Marketing Associates Inc after his reign at a Motor Club in Oklahoma, in which he issued policies to motorist. He soon took the seat in the company as president for the next 17 years. TVC, the company he’d launched, accommodates truckers in court whenever a motor vehicle incident occur in any event. For over 20 years, Virgil catapulted his business, proving why he was president in the past Motor Club. Mr Coffee has an outstanding experience in growing businesses from his background in marketing, in fact, he restructured the marketing strategy for Pre-Paid Legal (now known as “Legal Shield”), which mobilized the company into a fortune 500 company.

With his approach to marketing, Virgil managed to fulfill splendid growth in revenue for many years for his company, increasing percentage exponentially. Carrying this awesome ability to ignite the automotive industry by reaching out to several motorist to purchase the services, he managed to secure Motor Club of America’s future that still exists up to this day. The original TVC package that was exclusively available for truckers for years is called, “Pro-Driver”. In seeing the potential market for roadside assistance, the typical everyday motorist was now eligible to purchase a plan. Later on, throughout the several policies, an extensive list of benefits, discounts, travel, legal, road protection, and so many other remedies were added to the plan.

Specific memberships were established to fit the typical motorist, such as The MCA Security, MCA Total Security, MCA Total Security Plus, MCA Total Security Gold and MCA Total Security Platinum. Motorist have the opportunity to subscribe for any one of these policies in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our top selling policy that sells very well is the, “Total Security” plan. The company provides a referral program for associates. The more people that is introduced by the affiliate to the company and convert into a customer, the member is rewarded for each personal sale made. MCA allows its members who join to make selling policies a career.

Overall, Virgil Coffee of TVC marketing Associates, Inc and David Kircher of Motor Club of America, as the current presidents and owners of the companies, have put together magnificent products, services, and a great referral program to increase visible sustainability that appease potential customers. Since the new positioning of the company stemming from the late 1990s, users can issue policies that who register as, “Independent Business Owners” to spread the word further about Motor Club of America. With 11,000,000 members enjoying the unique features in each policy the future looks bright for the company. Today, TVC is now the parent company of Motor Club of America, also known as “MCA”.

Mr. David KircherPresident of Motor Club of America & COO (Chief Operations Officer) of TVC Marketing Marketing Associates Inc.

Virgil CoffeePresident/Owner of TVC Marketing Associates Inc & Joint Owner of Motor Club of America.


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MCA Benefits & Discounts

The flagship product that’s the majority favorite is, “The MCA Total Security Plan“. It cost $39.90 for the first month and the last month of signing up to receive the service. Afterwards, you pay $19.95 a month subscription fee to remain a member of the Motor Club. Here’s the list of benefits below:

Unlimited Roadside Assistance

Benefits and Discounts

Start a Career
  • Tow Truck Service – Up to 100 Miles
  • Car Lockout Service
  • Battery Boost Service
  • Gasoline Delivery Service
  • Mobile Tire Service
  • $500 Arrest Bonds
  • $25,000 Bail Bonds
  • $1,000 in Protection for Stolen Credit Card
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • Mobile Tire Service
  • 50% Off Car Rental (Up To 8 Major Companies)
  • 15% Off Major Hotels & Lodging
  • 65% Off Generic Prescription Drugs
  • 25% Off Name Brand Prescription Drugs
  • 60% Off Dental Care
  • Much More Inside…..
Want to earn between $300 – $500 a week? After subscribing you’ll have the chance to refer others to join MCA. In return, the company will pay you 200% in commissions per sale. There’s is no minimum count on how many people that you can sign up, unlimited. The company pays associates on a weekly basis every Friday. Sign up and become an independent business owner of the company so we can get you trained and ready to begin promoting the program immediately.


How Does MCA Work?

So you’ve decided that the benefits are for you and your family, now it’s time to put them to use. Whenever your car is disabled you will follow the following guidelines to receive the best technical help for retrieving immediate roadside assistance by utilizing your Motor Club of America service membership. This is how MCA work when you call for road assistance

  1. Call the roadside assistance customer support line located on the back of your MCA card.
  2. Once you’ve gotten through to the call taker relay the problem you are having with your vehicle.
  3. The MCA representative will ask for a few pieces of information: Name, MCA Customer ID Number, Make of Car, Model of Car, and Location of Car.
  4. Afterwards, the representative tells you that they’ll call you back after they’ve assigned an local road service technician to assist you with the problem.
  5. MCA calls back and gives detailed information on who will be assisting you for whatever required service call.
  6. The road technician arrives to correct the problem, no charge to you. If towing is needed for the job and if the distance is under 100 miles, no charge.

Never wait to purchase emergency MCA roadside assistance coverage or any other Motor Club membership after a problem with your vehicle has already occurred since it takes up to 24 hours before your membership will be activated. Don’t wait, subscribe immediately so that tomorrow is secured if any incident may happen on the road or at home, get covered now!


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