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24 hour towing serviceA 24-hour towing service or commonly known as a towing company provides a fleet of tow trucks that are used for moving vehicles from one destination to the next. Towing services are very essential for motorist, regardless of the type of motor vehicle being operated, daily life would be a disaster without them. It doesn’t matter if its a boat, truck, motorcycle, or regular sedan, having towing service in your grasp can reduce a lot of stress.

The privilege is taken for granted until someone is stranded in the middle of nowhere. But not to worry, these services will be around forever just as long as automobiles are still in-demand and drivers are driving. Every 30 seconds, an roadside assistance call is made involving the need for automobile towing. What type of tow truck would you need to get your automobile towed within the area of your choice. Let’s breakdown the standard kind of towing that exist that is considered normal.


Flatbed Towing Service

Flatbed “towing service” can be used for vehicles that journey a long distance. Also, they usually carry heavy duty vehicles such as trucks or boats. For totaled vehicles, it is necessary to use a flatbed truck for transport. In addition this particular towing service can be used to travel from one state to another. For instance, a brand new car has been purchased in Georgia from a website listing, however, the buyer lives in Florida.

A Flatbed tow truck should be used for such a job. The cost may be pretty high unless you are willing to drive yourself up there to pick it up. Remember, the towing service is a convenience, not quite a requirement. Customers find utilizing organizations such as these to help in tough situations. A towing company has a diverse number of emergency help vehicles and that includes the wrecker.


Wrecker Towing Service

A wrecker isn’t your typical commercial vehicle. They are extremely heavy trucks but diminutive in size. Attached on the back is an crane, drivers have automatic controls for raising and lowering the crane. There’s a diverse choice of wreckers that are utilized for certain situations, with immediate emergencies on auto breakdowns being the first.

A wrecker towing service or tow truck is used in local areas, occasionally for travelling a fairly short distance. Mostly servicing the regular sedan, operators make request to have automobiles like these be towed by a wrecker. Instead of being carried in a balanced upright manner with a flatbed, the rear or front bumper area is raised by crane and carried. Wrecker tow truck are more common in the city-wide areas. Several auto dealership companies wreckers for repossessing property.


Limitations in Car Insurance Premiums & Auto Warranties for “Towing Service” Coverage

Check the fine print at all times from all documents in your car insurance policy, you may not know it, but your car insurance coverage is limited. Itemize everything, from the towing benefit all the down to the premium hike expense if the towing feature has been actively used during the past 12 months. In most auto insurance agreements within the premises of an incident, you are held liable for cost after the first auto emergency towing service call out has been spent. As a warning, thoroughly review your car insurance contract for any inconsistencies relating to towing service

Brand new cars already contain factory warranties that covers towing service cost. However, these are for manufactured parts such as the 20 year replacement warranty of an automobile’s engine after 100,000 miles. Other services consist of break pads, steering wheel malfunction or special repairs that are under motorist umbrella factory warranty.

Unfortunately, these are special cases that are resolved within the dealership’s radius. Personal mechanical issues are your problem, which is why you must retrieve a Motor Club membership to have in your back pocket, that is a smart move. Automobile warranties have limited agreements in the contract when it come to roadside assistance towing services.


Where is the Best Towing Service 

There are elements you should consider when shopping around for the best tow truck service. From Jacksonville FL, Atlanta Ga, New Orleans LA, NYC, or Los Angeles CA, proper assistance during a stressful event can do wonders for customers. Every city has a population of motorist who gave their main favorite towing provider and its not only the service served, but compassion. Here’s a list of things that one should consider and give good thought before making a choice on which towing service membership to signup under.

  • Is the customer service team helpful
  • How many towing companies support them
  • Is the service worth the money


MCA Towing Service – 100 Miles Per Towing Trip

I bring you, MCA. The truth is, you can get free 24-hour towing service for as little as .67 a day with our membership. We have a partnership with over 2,000 auto mechanic and towing service organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Our service is worth every penny you spend as a member, in fact, you have access up to 100 miles of towing per day, that’s 36,500 miles per year. It’s better to have coverage and not need it, than to need it and not have it at all.

The extra roadside assistance features that comes with the towing are car refuel delivery, flat tire change, battery recharge, and locksmith technician. We are known as the cheap towing service people with high quality services because our program was developed to ensure motorist can afford our plans while keeping covered during travel. Our integrity is depended upon our dedication to our customers, and your satisfaction is in our interest.


In conclusion,

Are you ready to get served with a better towing service solution to the problems you are experiencing. It’s very important to have a presentable membership in your hands during travel, at play, or at home. We connect you with the nearest local tow service to assist you as soon as possible. At the end of the day, when you are stranded and can’t count on friends, family, or strangers, you can lean on us for help.

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