Earn Money with MCA

Little Things You Should Know

  1. In order to participate in the MCA Sales Agent program, you must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Consider creating a professional username, use your own name if you must, THAT WOULD BE FINE.

“If these two requirements fits you well…then let us proceed…..:)”

mca work from home
Okay, let me clear this up! It’s isn’t necessary to pay for a membership in order to become an independent sales associate to start making money with Motor Club of America, IT’S FREE. Yes, having a membership will give you better credibility (after you’ve used the benefits) to share your personal insight about the program when marketing to others because you’ve gained experienced from using the benefits & discounts entailed, but, you are not obligated to make a purchase and dedicate yourself to a monthly payment in order to join the MCA business as an sales associate to earn money. Plus, we supply you with a professional website and training on what you are delivering to your potential customers. Let’s not wait another minute, follow the instructions below so you can start your training and began generating income. Sales associates get paid every week on Friday:


Complete the 3 Step Guide to Getting Started with MCA Sales Agent Program


Step 1. Signup with TVC Independent Sales Associate Program for Free

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TVC Marketing Inc. is the actual company that owns Motor Club of America services and are the same people whom created the program in such a way for people to make money. Apply for the MCA affiliate program by filling out the TVC Matrix associate signup sheet, you will receive an email informing you with details about the program. Prior to signing up, you are also given a special URL for selling the products from tvcmatrix.com that you create (which is the username) for the website given to you. Here is an example of the type of website you will be receiving from TVC Marketing Inc. corporate office once you’ve signed up, (http://www.tvcmatrix.com/jpleas). You can use any name you like that suits your taste, just be professional. In the example above, I used my first initial (J) and last name (pleas) = jpleas  click here to signup now for the sales agent program then join me on step 2.

Step 2. Purchase a Professional MCA Website

Congratulations, you have signed up for the free independent sales associate program through TVC Marketing Inc. and retrieved a free website, now you can began earning $80 – $90 commissions for every person you sign up. It gets better, we’ve prepared a professional MCA website to represent the services you market for you to purchase. The free TVC website “IS NEEDED”, as it holds the products your customers to buy from. It also tracks your sales that the company will pay you, however, the free site is not attractive. I provide a very attractive website than the corporate office and I’ll put it together in a way that leads directly to your TVC website’s sales page for customers to make a purchase. It gets to the point, and actually explains the services a lot better. The actual website that I create for you is for sales associates to market with, its called, motorclubofamerica.services/.

Check out the example website that I will create for you: motorclubofamerica.services/sample

  • The website address is magnificent! Instead of a .com, we took the liberty of using a .services web extension in which you will be marketing at first hand, that is the services. This is very attractive and professional to your customers because the website address is directly related to what is being offered.
  • See where the word sample is placed at the end of the web address. It will be replaced by your full name. So, instead of, “motorclubofamerica.services/sample”, it will be motorclubofamerica.services/janedoe or whatever your name may be. That’s the website your customers will see. I set all this up for you within 24 hours of purchasing.
  • Your TVC Matrix sales agent product service link for customers to click and place an order will also be implemented on this website too. I’ll ask for this later in the email after purchase (have that TVC sales link ready to dispatch to me), so that I can implement it within the website. NOTE: As a reminder this link is where your visitors will visit and how you will make money, so give me the right one please, thanks!
  • You will be prompted with an email where you can send send me a few pieces of general information so that I can place those details properly on the site, exactly how its portrayed above after you have successfully made the purchase.

Currently I setup 25 websites a day. So, order as soon as possible so that I can have yours up and running as soon as possible. Please be patient and get ready to get this thing moving, and take over the city. After I’ve fully setup the site I’ll drop you an email.

Step 3. Training

The 3rd step is training! We send you the fantastic training package along with your new, professionally made MCA website. Take your time and go through the training. Also, you will be subscribed to my email for more updates as more ideas for marketing comes to mind. Now, if you have not started from step 1, don’t waste time…….go back to the top and get started now and change your life.